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We are professional planners for your vacations.

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Travel in the modern-day parlance is not just moving from point to point. It is about embarking on a well-planned journey at fares that are easy on the pocket, enjoying a value-added trip and bringing back poignant memories.
Skies and Waves sees the world through the travellers eyes and we think, that is the way to look if we want to provide the best in terms of quality, variety and pricing. And we have learnt that these are the values our customers keep to their heart which bring them back to us again and again.
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MOTORHOME RV In Chilean landscape in Andes. Family trip traval vacation in mauntains.
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Explore the world with Skies and Waves

At Skies and Waves you will meet highly trained professionals who will assist you to properly manage your trip. The focus is on offering a comprehensive and cost-effective travel, delivered with excellent tips, something that is often difficult to get in this very competitive industry.
Variety and enhancement of our product range is an ongoing process and we at Skies and Waves are always eager to offer innovative itineraries that are tailor made to suit our customer’s interests. The latest technology in software and hardware is utilized to its full capacity to deliver unrivalled solutions for our clients

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We’re known for our service

Quality service with a personal touch, is the way at Skies and Waves, whether it’s a lone individual seeking solace in a wilderness or a group travelling for fun or executives on business trips. This outlook is what differentiates Skies and Waves as the premier travel management company in Kuwait.

Vision & Mission

To be the torch bearer in the travel industry by implementing innovative ideas that are cost effective and inspire the masses to explore distant lands… fulfill their dreams of vacationing at amazing locations


To be transparent in our interactions with our clients and always add a human touch in our dealings. We believe honesty is always reciprocated with trust,